About us

Ripples starting to make waves, guys! Classic Rock Magazine and Ever Metal Magazine announced our headliner and special guests \m/

We are making ripples! Check our Midlands Rocks’ Festival Preview for Stonedeaf!


We are group of veteran rockers who, back in the 80’s and early 90’s, spent every year waiting for that one magical day of rock and metal at Donington Park for Monsters of Rock. We got together on a Facebook group called Donington Monsters of Rock & Download Veterans to share their stories and reminisce about their experiences.

This evolved into a strong feeling of loss among the group that this format no longer existed.  What happened to buying your ticket for the festival without having to take out a loan or re-mortgage?? Turning up in your car, pitching your tent next to it and gathering with your mates, drinking beer and waiting for the next day’s bands? Having one stage, maybe 6 bands, food and drink that’s not too overpriced? Crashing out back at your tent, catching up with your mates and talking about the day’s events? And then packing up and going back to the “real world” on Sunday to recover?

If you miss this as much as we do, then you will LOVE our festival.  We want to bring it all back and that is what we are doing with Stonedeaf Festival. Although we may not be able to bring back all the bands that used to play Monsters (just yet), our aim is to make the festival as close to the “Monsters feel” as possible with a mix of established bands in addition to up and coming British bands that already have a good following and radio air time.




We are a team of 9 people who each specialise in a separate field of the festival organisation. So as to quickly answer your questions, please write directly to whoever you need. If you don’t know whom to speak to, please send your enquiry to Zhany or Steve and they will direct you.

Steve Hughes: finances, fundraising, general coordination, general troubleshooting and the guy who came up with STONEDEAF. stonedeaf.festival@gmail.com


Zhany Hughes: web design, branding, merchandise, ticket sales and general troubleshooting. stonedeaf.festival@gmail.com


Chris Sumby: band booking and being rock and roll at people. chris.sumby78@gmail.com


Jason Everitt: PR and media relations and making sure we get what we want! jasestonedeaf@gmail.com


Lee Lamb: stage, lighting, sound – he promised we will turn it up to 11! baxdrummer@gmail.com


Niic Hewitt: social media coordinator and overall very switched on person nicstonedeaf@gmail.com


Neil Meynell: security, volunteers, liaising with authorities and general STONEDEAF hard man neilstonedeaf@gmail.com


Sharron Kelly: Health and Safety and Disability accessibility, very rock and roll! sharronstonedeaf@gmail.com

Louise Bayley is our rock star behind the scenes in charge of backstage hospitality louisebayley44@gmail.com