Line Up


We are delighted to announce that GLENN HUGHES is the Headline Artist for Stonedeaf Festival 2019. The ‘Voice of Rock’ is set to perform Deep Purple Live Classics amongst other favourites on the ‘Tommy Vance Stage’ at Stonedeaf. Vocalist, bassist and songwriter Glenn is a living breathing Rock Legend. He personifies British Rock at is best and we are proud that he will headline Stonedeaf. Glenn has written, played and sung some of the best rock songs of all time. Prepare to be transported by Glenn and his band to a place where rock music has the power to change the world.



Inglorious, this dynamic five piece hard rock band use inspiration from the 70’s and 80’s to fuse together a thoroughly modern mix of incredible rock music. Massive guitar riffs, Nathan James’s fabulous vocal range and accessible lyrics means that Inglorious are sure to prove popular at Stonedeaf 2019



© Tony Mottram

Wayward Sons, are formed out of a need play LIVE music formed by singer, songwriter, guitarist  and producer Toby Jepson. Wayward Sons use current social issues to provide thought provoking lyrics, when you add in add in a powerful mix of heavy rocking guitars, and very catchy riffs Wayward Sons have burst onto the heavy rock scene with a pedigree of musicians that screams ability and quality.


One of the legendary voices of metal Geoff Tate is regarded as one of the most skilled rock vocalists in the world. The original Queensrÿche singer, is set to captivate and mesmerise the Stonedeaf crowd with his breathtaking performance with a best of Operation Mindcrime set.


Diamond Head is cited as one of the leading forces of the NWOBHM scene, influencing both bands and fans alike. Honouring the Tommy Vance stage and bringing their brand of British heavy metal that has shaped a 40-year-old legacy of riffs and melodies, Diamond Head will bring a setlist of both iconic classics and recent material that is guaranteed to leave one hell of an impact.


The Amorettes are a female Scottish trio that have perfectly crafted their brand of no-nonsense rock n roll and an attitude to match. It’s hardly surprising that the band have been compared to the likes of Motorhead and Airbourne. With their blend of solid riffs and a fantastic stage presence that exudes pure power and energy, Stonedeaf better be prepared to get ‘Hot and Heavy’ as The Amorettes unleash their hard rock fury.


Massive (Aus) are a modern volatile hard rock engine, fuelled on adrenaline, beer and an obvious passion for Rock‘n’Roll. With an ever-growing global following, Massive are gaining the recognition they deserve for putting every inch of dedication and fire into their albums and explosive live shows. The band’s enthusiasm is simply infectious and is guaranteed to persuade even the most rigid and stubborn individuals to headbang.