Volunteers Registration Form




  • Stonedeaf is a not for profit organisation. All funds are raised through ticket sales, Merchandise sales, donations etc..To this end, we ask all our volunteers to pay a reduced ticket price of £35 on completion of this form which guarantees them access to all volunteer facilities, Training, required equipment and tools to enable volunteers to carry out their duties safely on the day. Should the Festival make a profit then, volunteer ticket expenses may be refunded. This will be at the Festival committees discretion.

  • Thank you for taking the time to complete this registration form and committing to Stonedeaf 2019. You are now one step closer to joining a Monster family!!

  • Should you experience any difficulties whilst completing this form please contact me (Dewi Evans) via email at: dewiwevans0@gmail.com

  • Please note duties and roles are not guaranteed and volunteers will have to work where directed at times